Al Yasmina Cold Room

Room dimention by meters: W X L X H
Panel Thickness: 10 cm
Door Panel Thickness: 10 cm


Wall Panels :

Insulation polyurethane foam 60mm thickness & density 38 to 42 KG / m3 foamed panels fastened together by means of CAM LOCK actuated by Allen Key.

Wall cladding:

Galvanized steel white lacquered polyester anti-bacterial. Anti-corrosive Scratch resistance

Heavy Duty Door:

Construction similar to wall panels

Temperature door handle & larch assembly:

Automatic door closure system whit internal safety release

Two refrigeration system:

which are switched back & forth periodically on cycle timer to assure both systems are given equal running time.

Multifunction electronic control panel system:

Controlled by solid–state programmable microprocessor.

Control for each cooling unit

Controlling internal room temperature:

Compressor on/off status.
Defrost setting on/off status.
switch off compressor when reach set temp.

Temperature over load protection:

To protect cold room from thermal damage.

In event of failure the stand - by system is automatically activated to maintain Temperature of cold room.

Electronically controlled evaporator:

Integrated evaporator system cooling copper coil Aluminum fin radiator Heating coil & motor Aluminum fan enclosed in metal enclosure with hinged door. Universal drain fitting.


Highly efficient condenser with automatic condensate evaporating. Horizontal or vertical air discharge heavy duty galvanized steel cabinet. Motor with internal overload protection.

Lighting system:

Cool white fluorescent with lamps & ballasts fixture approved by UL

Temperature Recorder :

Chart recorder 7 days (inkless) size dia.4 Inch.

Power supply:

Voltage: 380V, 3 Phase
Frequency: 60 Hz